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Stud Welding Torches

Stud Welding Torches

Stud welding is a method of welding metal studs or other fasteners on the workpiece. There are many ways to realize stud welding, such as arc stud welding, energy storage stud welding, resistance welding, projection welding, etc.

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ModelCategoryWelding RangeStandard Length
LZHQ-02Capacitor Discharge3-10mm4m
LZHQ-02DCapacitor Discharge cupped head pin3-10mm4m
LZHQ-06Capacitor Discharge3-10mm4m
LZHQ-06DCapacitor Discharge cupped head pin3-10mm4m
LZHQ-03Short Period Drawn Arc3-12mm5m
LZHQ-12Short Period Drawn Arc3-12mm5m
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