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#5 Air cooled MIG/MAG welding torch
Rating:500A CO₂/400A Mixed Gases
Duty cycle:60%
Wire size:0.9~2.4 mm
Product Detail

Product Description


* Compatible Torch and Parts For TWC

Product structure of the #5 Air cooled MIG/MAG welding torch

Product Specification


No.OrderDescriptionOEM p/n
MTW0400.03BW #5 Complete Torch 3mNT5-3L
MTW0401.05BW #5 Complete Torch 5mNT5-5L
1MTW0430.01Nozzle 1/2” Ø12.7 L=55.825CT50
MTW0430.02Nozzle 5/8” Ø15.9 L=55.825CT62
MTW0430.03Nozzle 3/4” Ø19 L=55.825CT75
3MTW0232.01Contact Tip 1.115H35
MTW0232.02Contact Tip 1.215H40
MTW0232.03Contact Tip 1.415H45
MTW0232.04Contact Tip 1.615H52
MTW0232.05Contact Tip 1.815H116
4MTW0436.01Contact Tip Holder55
MTW0436.02Contact Tip Holder55SW
5MTW0443Swan Neck65J-60
6MTW0445Cable Connector Block Assembly
9MBZ0896Front Cable Support Spring
10MTW0197Back Cable Support Spring
11MTW0460.01Cable Assembly,3m
MTW0460.02Cable Assembly,5m
MTW0171Support Adapter
13MTW0475Cable Connector Rear
14MTW0477Connector Plug
15MTW0178Control line assembly
16MTM0483.04FLiner,For Ø0.9-2.4,3.5m
MTM0483.04GLiner,For Ø0.9-2.4,5.5m

BLACK WOLF is in no way affiliated with TWECO. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine TWECO parts, but are parts made for and by BLACK WOLF.

References to TWECO machines, torches,and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right to substitute genuine TWECO parts in place of BLACK WOLF parts.

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