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BW 5000 Liquid Air Cooled MIG/MAG Welding Torches
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* Compatible Torch and Parts For Fronius


Product Specification


No.OrderDescriptionOEM p/n

BW 5000 Complete Torch 3.5m

BW 5000 Complete Torch 4.5m
1aMFN0530.01 Cylindrical Nozzle Ø20mm42.0001.5127
1b MFN0530.02Cylindrical Nozzle Ø17.3mm42.0001.5128
1c MFN0530.03Cylindrical Nozzle Ø15mm 42.0001.5129
2MFN0530.04 Circlip42.0001.2970
3MFN0533.01M10x1.25x40x0.8 Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.1576

MFN0533.02 M10x1.25x40x0.9 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 42.0001.3277

MFN0533.03M10x1.25x40x1.0 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 42.0001.1577

MFN0533.04M10x1.25x40x1.2 Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.1578

MFN0533.05M10x1.25x40x1.4 Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.1930

MFN0533.06M10x1.25x40x1.6 Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.1579

MFN0533.07M10x1.25x40x1.8 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 42.0001.2314

MFN0533.08M10x1.25x40x2.0 Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.1662

MFN0533.09M10x1.25x40x2.4 Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.1663

MFN0533.10M10x1.25x40x2.8 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 42.0001.1664

MFN0533.11M10x1.25x40x3.0 Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.5413

MFN0534.01M10x1.25x40x0.9 For Alu Contact Tip, CuCrZr 42.0001.5055

MFN0534.02M10x1.25x40x1.0 For Alu Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.5057

MFN0534.03 M10x1.25x40x1.0 For Alu Contact Tip, CuCrZr 42.0001.5289

MFN0534.04 M10x1.25x40x1.2 For Alu Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.5058

MFN0534.05M10x1.25x40x1.2 For Alu Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.5005

MFN0534.06M10x1.25x40x1.4 For Alu Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.5059

MFN0534.07M10x1.25x40x1.6 For Alu Contact Tip, CuCrZr 42.0001.5060

MFN0534.08M10x1.25x40x1.8 For Alu Contact Tip, CuCrZr42.0001.5061
4MFN0539Gas Diffusor, DMC 42.0100.1007
5MFN0535Contact Tip Holder42.0001.5122
7MFN0543 Swan Neck 43.0350.1820
8MFN042FHandle 42.0405.0660
9MFN0495Switch 43.0002.0386
10MFN0496Front Cable Support Spring
11MFN0497Back Cable Support Spring
12MFN0560.01Cable Assembly, 3.5m

MFN0560.02 MFN0560.02 Cable Assembly, 4.5m
13MFN0471 Cable Support Machine Side42.0405.0655
14MFN0470Adapte Nut
15MFN72.04 Central Connector
16aMFN0586.01GreenLiner, For Wire Ø0.8-1.0, 3.5m

MFN0586.02Green Liner, For Wire Ø0.8-1.0, 4.5m

MFN0586.03Blue Liner, For Wire Ø1.0-1.2, 3.5m

MFN0586.04Blue Liner, For Wire Ø1.0-1.2, 4.5m

MFN0586.05Red Liner, For Wire Ø1.6, 3.5m

MFN0586.06 Red Liner, For Wire Ø1.6, 4.5m
16bMFN0586.07Graphite Nylon Liner 2.0/4.0, For Wire Ø0.8 - Ø1.2, 3.5m

MFN0586.08Graphite Nylon Liner 2.0/4.0, For Wire Ø0.8 - Ø1.2, 4.5m

MFN0586.09 Graphite Nylon Liner 2.0/4.0, For Wire Ø1.2 - Ø1.6, 3.5m

MFN0586.10 Graphite Nylon Liner 2.0/4.0, For Wire Ø1.2 - Ø1.6, 4.5m

MFN0586.11Graphite Nylon Liner 2.7/4.0, For Wire Ø1.0 - Ø1.2, 3.5m

MFN0586.12Graphite Nylon Liner 2.7/4.0, For Wire Ø1.0 - Ø1.2, 4.5m

MFN0586.13Graphite Nylon Liner 2.7/4.7, For Wire Ø1.2 - Ø1.6, 3.5m

MFN0586.14Graphite Nylon Liner 2.7/4.7, For Wire Ø1.2 - Ø1.6, 4.5m

BLACK WOLF is in no way affiliated with Fronius. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine Fronius parts, but are parts made for and by BLACK WOLF.

References to Fronius machines, torches,and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right to substitute genuine Fronius parts in place of BLACK WOLF parts.

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