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BW P-80JC Air cooled plasma cutting torch
Portable BW P-80JC Air cooled plasma cutting torch Standard Length: 5m Air Pressure: 3.5-5.5bar
BW P-80JC(60A) Duty Cycle: 60% 60A BW P-80JC(80A) Duty Cycle: 60% 80A
BW P-80JC(100A) Duty Cycle: 60% 100A BW P-80JC(100A) Duty Cycle: 100% 60A
Product Detail

Product Description


Patent number: ZL201830275459.1

Compatible Torch and Parts For PANASONIC


Product Specification


No.Order Description OEM p/n

PPA0400.05BW P-80JC Extended Handle Hand Torch 60A M14×1.5, 5m

PPA0401.05BW P-80JC Extended Handle Hand Torch 80A M14×1.5, 5m

PPA0402.05BW P-80JC Extended Handle Hand Torch 100A M14×1.5, 5m
1PPA0410BW P-80 Hand Torch HeadTKU08103
2PPA0112Insulated RingTFQ08102

PPA0131.02 Perforated Electrode
4PPA0132.01Nozzle 1.1mm 40A TET01110

PPA0132.02 Nozzle 1.3mm 60A TET01310

PPA0132.03 Nozzle 1.5mm 80ATET01512

PPA0132.04Nozzle 1.7mm 100A TSM06626
5PPA0133.01 Old Style Nozzle 1.1mm 40A

PPA0133.02Old Style Nozzle 1.3mm 60A TET01035

PPA0133.03Old Style Nozzle 1.5mm 80A TET01507

PPA0133.04Old Style Nozzle 1.7mm 100ATET01809
6PPA0132.05Gouging Nozzle 2.5mm TET02502
7PPA0334.02Silver Plated Shield

PPA0334.01Normal Shield
8PPA0138Stand Off Guide
9PPA0139Spacer Spring
10PPA0422.04Connecting Sleeve
11a PPA0422.01Extension Tube (1m)
11bPPA0422.02Extension Tube (0.5m)
11cPPA0422.03Extension Tube (0.33m)
13PPA0320.02FT Handle (Red-Gray)
14PPA0124.01Micro Switch
15PPA0224.01Switch Protection Block
16PPA0150Cable Assembly 60A (EPDM Cover)

PPA0151Cable Assembly 80A (EPDM Cover)

PPA0152Cable Assembly 100A (EPDM Cover)

PPA0153Cable Assembly 60A (Rubber Cover)

PPA0154Cable Assembly 80A (Rubber Cover)

PPA0155Cable Assembly 100A (Rubber Cover)
17PPA01712-Pins Plug
18258Pilot Arc Wire
19PPA0170.01Protection Nut


  1. Silver plated shield is used for torch with protection loop, Normal shield without silver plated is used for torch without protection loop;

  2. Please specify the connector when ordering;

  3. Please specify the type of sheath when ordering: you can use EPDM cover and rubber cover;

  4. Please specify the pole length when ordering, Special 1m extension tube.

BLACK WOLF is in no way affiliated with PANASONIC. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine PANASONIC parts, but are parts made for and by BLACK WOLF.

References to PANASOINC machines, torches, and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right to substitute genuine PANASONIC parts in place of BLACK WOLF parts.

Handles(Color and style can be customized)


BW P-80JC Air cooled plasma cutting torch Handles

BW P-80JC Air cooled plasma cutting torch Handles

BW P-80JC Air cooled plasma cutting torch Handles

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