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Compatible parts for JIAQIANG
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Product Specification


No. Order OEM p/n Description
1a JJQ0132.01 120GLT0510 Single nozzle 1.0mm H15

JJQ0132.02 120GLT0512 Single nozzle 1.2mm H15

JJQ0132.03 120GLT0515 Single nozzle 1.5mm H15

JJQ0132.04 120GLT0520 Single nozzle 2.0mm H15

JJQ0132.05 120GLT0525 Single nozzle 2.5mm H15

JJQ0132.06 120GLT0530 Single nozzle 3.0mm H15

JJQ0132.07 120GLT0535 Single nozzle 3.5mm H15

JJQ0132.08 120GLT0540 Single nozzle 4.0mm H15

JJQ0132.09 120GLT0545 Single nozzle 4.5mm H15

JJQ0132.10 120GLT0550 Single nozzle 5.0mm H15
1b JJQ0132.11 120GLT0610 Double nozzle 1.0mm CP H15

JJQ0132.12 120GLT0612 Double nozzle 1.2mm CP H15

JJQ0132.13 120GLT0614 Double nozzle 1.4mm CP H15

JJQ0132.14 120GLT0615 Double nozzle 1.5mm CP H15

JJQ0132.15 120GLT0618 Double nozzle 1.8mm CP H15

JJQ0132.16120GLT0620 Double nozzle 2.0mm CP H15

JJQ0132.17 120GLT0625 Double nozzle 2.5mm CP H15

JJQ0132.18 120GLT0630 Double nozzle 3.0mm CP H15

JJQ0132.19 120GLT0635 Double nozzle 3.5mm CP H15

JJQ0132.20 120GLT0640 Double nozzle 4.0mm CP H15

JJQ0132.21 120GLT0645 Double nozzle 4.5mm CP H15

JJQ0132.22 120GLT0650 Double nozzle 5.0mm CP H15

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