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BW ROB355 Buitl-in Air Cooled Robot Welding Torch
Cooling method: Gas
Duty cycle:MIG 350A 60% MAG 300A 60%
Wire size:0.6-1.2mm
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RBW0500.01BW ROB 355 Complete Torch 1m
1RBW0530Conical Nozzle Ø13mm
2RBW0133.05M6×45×0.8R Contact Tip, CuCrZr

RBW0133.06 M6×45×0.9R Contact Tip, CuCrZr

RBW0133.07M6×45×1.0R Contact Tip, CuCrZr

RBW0133.08M6×45×1.2R Contact Tip, CuCrZr

RBW0133.09M6×45×1.4R Contact Tip, CuCrZr

RBW0133.10 M6×45×1.6R Contact Tip, CuCrZr
3MPA0239 Gas Diffusor
5RBW0535Contact Tip Holder
6RBW0543Swan Neck 31°
7RBW0538Safety-off Mechanism
8RBW0544Flange Seat
9RBW0560 Cable Assembly
10RBW0574Control Line
11MBZ0172.01Central Connector
12RBW0580.01 Green Liner, For Wire Ø0.6-Ø0.8,1m

RBW0580.02 Blue Liner, For Wire Ø1.0-Ø1.2,1m
13MBZ0173 Nut

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