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Plasma Cutting Torches

Plasma Cutting Torches

Plasma cutting torch  is a processing method that uses the heat of high temperature plasma arc to locally melt the metal at the workpiece notch, and uses the momentum of high-speed plasma to discharge the molten metal to form a slit.

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With High Frequency Air Cooled

NO.ModelDuty CycleCooling MethodLgnitionStandard LengthAir Pressure
BW PT-3160% 30AAirHF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW JG-6060% 60AAirHF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW AG60 (SG55)60% 60AAirHF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW AG60N60% 60AAirHF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW P-80/BW P-80P 60% 100AAirHF5m3.5-5.5bar
BW P-80YT 60% 100AAirHF5m3.5-5.5bar
BW P-80FT60% 100AAirHF5m3.5-5.5bar
BW P-80JC60% 100AAirHF5m3.5-5.5bar
BW P-80NZ60% 100AAirHF5m3.5-5.5bar
BW JG-10060% 100AAirHF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW 125/BW 125P60% 120AAirHF5m5.0-6.0bar
BW A141/BW A141P60% 140AAirHF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW CB15060% 150AAirHF5m4.5-5.5bar
CP160P60% 150AAirHF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW 160/BW 160P60% 160AAirHF5m5.5-6.5bar
BW 16160% 160AAirHF5m5.5-6.5bar

With High Frequency Liquid Cooled

NO.ModelDuty CycleCooling MethodLgnitionStandard LengthAir Pressure
BW 200P100% 200ALiquidHF5m3.5-6.0bar
BW MAX200P100% 200ALiquidHF7.5m/10m6.21-8.28bar
BW AW201100% 200ALiquidHF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW M250WP100% 225ALiquidHF5m4.8-5.0bar
BW 300P100% 300ALiquidHF7.5m4.5-5.5bar

Low Frequency Air Cooled

NO.ModelDuty CycleCooling MethodLgnitionStandard LengthAir Pressure
BW S-4560% 40AAirLF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW S-75/BW S-75P60% 70AAirLF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW S-105/BW S-105P60% 100AAirLF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW P-80LF/BW P-80PLF60% 100AAirLF5m3.5-5.5bar
BW PT120/BW PTM12060% 100AAirLF5m4.5-5.5bar
BW POWERMAX1650P60% 100AAirLF7.6m6.1bar

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